MAY 10 to 25. 

Boston Dance Theater Creative Residency, Boston, MA more info

MAY 28

Boston Dance Theater Creative Residency Performance, Boston, MA

AUG. 4

The 4th International Gala for Mature Contemporary Dance Soloists, Mexico City, Mexico more info

AUG. 28

Lila Dance Festival 2021, Rochester, NH more info

AUG. 31 & SEP. 1

Film Collaboration with Lori Schouela


JAN. 11 & 12. 

APAP at Peridance, NYC more info

JAN. 29 - FEB 13

Urbanity NEXT crearive residency, Boston MA

FEB. 21 - 23

Urbanity NEXT, Cambridge MA more info

Mar. 13 & 14

Choreographers Collaborative, Brookline MA more info


JAN. 6 

APAP at Peridance, NYC

JAN. 26

Boston Area Dance Showcase, Cambrige MA

FEB. 2 to MAR. 2

Creative residency at UNH, Duraham NH

MAY. 6

UNH Dance Showcase, Durahm NH more info

MAY. 23

12th Annual Emerson SPRING TO DANCE®, St. Louis MO more info

JUN 21 & 22

14th Annual Provincetown Dance Festival, Truro MA more info

 JUN 24 to 30

Seven to the seventh, Tokyo, Japan more info

 JUL 31 & AUG 1

The Second International Dance Award for Mature Soloist, Mexico City, Mexico more info


Artists in Motion 2019, NYC more info

NOV 21 to 24

17 International Contemporary Dance Meeting of Soloists and Duets, Culiacán, Mexico more info

NOV 24

Masterclass at La Cantera, Mexico City, Mexico more info

NOV 26

Masterclass at Dzul International Dance Festival, Campeche, Mexico more info

NOV 27

Dzul International Dance Festival, Campeche, Mexico more info

NOV 28

Masterclass at the Chapingo University, Texcoco, Mexico