You are not Yours

How often have you found yourself in a situation of you think you were in control but you were actually the one being controlled?  This work is all about the manipulation of the powerful over less powerful.  What is the response when another force controls your body?  What kind of frictions would occur among your body physically and psychologically as a result? 



Is someone, feeling a profound antipathy towards another! , experiencing a  subjective dismell and therefore justified in their negative reaction as a biological state? This can give easy justification for all forms of discrimination. This piece contemplates where responsibility for a negative reaction to someone lies. Performers embody the reaction of dismell. They express this as indifference in movement, dominating movements and even facial expressions.

Do You Hear Me?

Inspired by Beethoven's struggle after he became completely deaf.  Feeling sound from vibrations and metronomes.  

No more mendacity

Reflecting on the physical and emotional states of being truthful to yourself. The work concentrates on discovering honesty and rawness of being truthful. No more rounding, avoiding, and hiding.  

Jeanne: the story of a woman

An excerpt derived from JEANNE, a full-length opera by James Swindell and Mark Warhol. JEANNE, the story of a woman promises to not only intrigue the audience on its own merits, but also to leave them with a craving to view the completed work. At the moment, that opportunity is still a best kept secret.  

Detail of the Patterns

Choreography conveys repetitions and patterns dancers leave traces as they play with time, space, movement qualities, sound, and focus.  As a result, choreography become more intertwined.  Dancers become "materials" and they brush and draw 3 dimensionally with oral and musical soundscape. 


Abstractly interpreted about eclosion (metamorphosis in French), meaning the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation. Hands are the symbols of freedom, growth, and transformation. Movements without hands metaphors something incomplete, restricted or something in process to become complete. How they (or we) struggle to transform. Discoveries, challenges during the transformation.