the Second Eye series

September 14th 7pm at 3S Artspace, Portsmouth NH

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Company's Mission

Movement + Humanity = FUKUDANCE

Most people consider home as a place of great comfort and sanctuary. There are choices you make with the interior that provide familiarity and warmth, such as the color of curtains, furniture, artwork and even items inside of the refrigerator. You do this because it gives you comfort. You do this because you subconsciously know it acts as a shield against the unpredictability and lurking chaos of the outside world.

Fukudance creates work from a belief in the necessity of live performance and the experience of art to convey humanity. It is the company’s mission to nurture the artistic vision of director Junichi Fukuda: “None is the same, and everyone has right to express truthfully.”  Fukudance aims to build and reach a wide audience through virtuosic, unique collaborations and engaging performances.



LINEAGE, Special event at Orchard Garden celebrating power of dance in public school   more info


the Second Eye Series at 3S Artspace   more info


the Second Eye Series at 3S Artspace   more info


the Second Eye Series at 3S Artspace   more info

Recent Works

No More Mendacity

Reflecting on the physical and emotional states of being truthful to yourself. The work concentrates on discovering honesty and rawness of being truthful. No more rounding, avoiding, and hiding.  


Abstractly interpreted about eclosion (metamorphosis in French), meaning the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation. Hands are the symbols of freedom, growth, and transformation. Movements without hands metaphors something incomplete, restricted or something in process to become complete. How they (or we) struggle to transform. Discoveries, challenges during the transformation.  

Jeanne: the story of a woman

An excerpt derived from JEANNE, a full-length opera by James Swindell and Mark Warhol. JEANNE, the story of a woman promises to not only intrigue the audience on its own merits, but also to leave them with a craving to view the completed work. At the moment, that opportunity is still a best kept secret.  


...the evening’s chief pleasure...Fukuda knew exactly what he was doing here: creating a work of easeful harmony...bringing to mind freedom and flight…in this altogether pleasing work. The real credit was due to Fukuda’s modest, tasteful proposal.   -March 8, 2014 by  Sarah Kaufman

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